My focus is on supporting women to create vibrant health & energy and their version of success in both life and business.

I see it as walking by your side on your journey of transformation, so you don't have to struggle alone.

Enhancing your wellbeing and energy 

Request this free guide if you want to take a more holistic view of your current state of wellness. It covers eight key areas , so is much broader than nutrition and exercise. You can discover which are your priority areas to focus on, and gain valuable action points to help you enhance your wellbeing and energy from today.


What do you do?

Coaching and mentoring with women in business. My specialist areas are wellness and financial aspects.

My clients are typically overwhelmed and stressed, not coping with all the things that are going on in their lives. Often they experience an unplanned change thats thrown them off balance. They are constantly busy, with endless to do lists, little time to pause or engage in self-care. Over time this impacts their health and energy, they may feel mentally stuck, success seems an elusive struggle.

Together we can look at their journey holistically particularly reconnecting to nature and sustainable rhythms- nutrition, movement, life-purpose, lifestyle and pace, relationships, environment, emotional health, finance.




There are three core pillars:-

Firstly I see health and wellbeing as a foundation to everything. There may be initial need to nurture this before moving on and also to ensure that your business and life are not putting your health at risk .

The other pillars are

Mindset -this can include dealing with mindset blocks, self-sabotage, limiting beliefs, and the need to develop resilience.

Success -defined on your terms ,what that means to you, what is truly your key priority.

I offer 1:1 work but also offer retreats for deeper transformations and group work, plus less supported options are available.


Why do you do it?

I get a deep sense of fulfilment from supporting others to achieve their potential, break free of things that may be holding them back, be in more vibrant health and wellbeing , to do work that is aligned and joyful.

It is  linked to my own story - the unexpected struggles, not feeling understood or able to find holistic support, what I learnt, how I grew up as a result. You can find out more about this on the About page.

I love to support others to potentially shortcut the darker parts of their journey while also being able to learn and grow, find their own power again.

There can be a ripple effect if health is off balance that can impact many areas of life and business, whereas enhancing  it can create transformational shifts. 

Are you ready for deep transformation but know that you can't do it without real support and accountability ?

Who do you do it for?

I support women who currently feel overwhelmed, struggling to cope with demands of life and business, maybe the health impact is worsening.

They are trying to be their normal strong and capable self, yet feel unable to express what's really happening to those around them.

They've tried to make progress alone but just feel stuck. They are worried about the impact on their loved ones, their clients, wider implications. They want to feel understood, supported, be able to move forwards again and get past current challenges/struggles.

But, they maybe in denial about their need for support, their true emotional and health state.  I want them to resonate with my messages, to feel that I get them as they are now, that I can support them, share wisdom, walk alongside and make things feel easier.

They may not always be aware of the deeper problems, how different areas are interlinked, but I can act as a mirror, allow them to trust and disclose their fears and problems. So they can see blocks, whether goals are congruent/realistic/aligned, what needs to change to achieve desired transformation.

Personal Support

Don’t struggle with trying to work it out for yourself, taking action alone, trying to fit your circumstances into a generic blueprint, feeling isolated and unsupported. Let us explore the big picture to identify your needs and priorities and then create the ideal programme of support.

Find out more

Listen deeply to your body's wisdom - is it showing persistent physical symptoms that you may be trying to ignore or are you using coping mechanisms to keep going?

Why do your clients benefit from working with you?

I can create a place of calm safety to be able to look at their whole picture currently. Often the important aspects may be beneath the surface (like an iceberg) - the areas they can't they see for themselves or be able to face that are creating the feelings of overwhelm, stress and panic.

My approach is an appropriate blend of intuition, deep listening (to what's said and unsaid), supportive encouragement yet also challenge. An initial focus on improving self-care may be needed to put them back into a resourceful and empowered state. So they can once again tap into their motivation and commitment. They are looking for someone with understanding. lived experience, to build a deep and trusting relationship and connection, then walk side by side with them. To see their potential, offer encouragement, accountability, keep them moving forwards event through their fears, help them achieve what they struggle to do alone. I offer focus on what true success means to them, rather than trying to fit to a one size fits all blueprint.

Negative emotions such as frustrations, disappointment, guilt, fear, anger, resentment, stress, anxiety, a negative spiral have been shifted towards more positive ones

How are your offerings different from your competition?

My health recovery journey and wisdom from experience in business threads through all my business.

I recognise that for heart-centred entrepreneurs their business is a core part of their life and that they are their business. They want it to be aligned to their values and purpose, to make a significant difference in the world, to feel joyful, fulfilling and support their life vision.

Some approaches to business coaching and models of  business success may not  work if you have health issues. There are wellness coaches who can support health improvements but not necessarily address the impact on business and finances, the deeper issues of emotions and mindset .

I believe  that a more holistic form of support that covers wellness , mindset and business is different . I also choose to offer it from the perspective of a supportive mentor adapting to client's specific needs and creating deeper  connection.

Blog Posts

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Overwhelm Emergency Guide

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In this free guide learn how to take easy steps to be able to move forward from that sense of overwhelming pressure and stress and feel more in control again.


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